Nothing Is Impossible Necklace by Montana Silversmiths NC5017

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Montana Silversmiths NC5017 Nothing Is Impossible Necklace

The Montana Silversmiths Nothing is Impossible Necklace is crafted from a piece of a buckle and is unique in every way. It hangs from a 16" silver-finished chain with an oval-shaped pendant dangling down that holds filigree and western floral designs. The pendant's design is unique and not the same to any other piece. Just like snowflakes - no two are the same and each exceptional in distinct design. It is paired with a mustard seed that hangs closely to its side. The mustard seed is symbolic of inspiration in great ambitions from a small, humble beginning. Let this necklace serve as a reminder that we should not judge each day by the harvest, but by the seeds that we sow. Made In USA!

99.9% fine silver and rhodium over a brass base. Montana Armor to help prevent tarnish.

Style # NC5017

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