Cochise PBR Bull Attitude Buckle
Montana Silversmiths PBR202

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Montana Silversmiths PBR202 Cochise PBR Bull Attitude Buckle

Front and center on a dark background sits a silver toned bull, daring you to look him in the eye, and a red star badge floats off to the side. The word "Cochise" sits atop the belt buckle, meaning "having the strength of an oak" - now what's more cowboy than that? Cochise, a chocolate brown gargantuan bull, with plenty of potential and tutelage. Cochise's average ride scores ranks No. 8 over all time, and he is one of only 10 bulls in PBR history who were ridden 15 or more times for an average of 90 points or higher.? Owned by Gene Owen. Standard 1.5 inch belt swivel.

Style # PBR202

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