Stormy Rough Out with Praying Cowboy Buckle
Montana Silversmith 39610NB-917L

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Inspired by the traditional look of a Rough Out saddle, this unique antiqued silver looking rectangular buckle has an overall rectangular shape with just the tips of the corners cut. The finish of this buckles comes from the hand-buffing of a dark gunmetal finish over a light steel-colored gunmetal finish for a beautiful stormy sky finished buckle. A lightly hammered surface, like rippling water, contrasts next to the deeply engraved classic leather style along the bottom corner. An edge of lightly engraved scrollwork frames the overall design with a line that runs along the border's inner edge, like the pages of book unfolding. The style holds close to the contrast of the rough suede against the detailed tooling of leather in a classic Rough Out saddle, adding a sophisticated look to the functional simplicity of the design. A matching finish bull rider figure is applied slightly right of center. The hand-buffed finish adds a touch of variation to each piece.

  • Standard 1 1/2" belt swivel
  • Measures: 3.66" x 2.51"
  • Gunmetal over a brass base
  • Montana Armor protective finish to prevent tarnish

Style # 39610NB-917L

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