Lemon Bliss Electric Candle by Warm Glow Candle LEMBLIEC

Warm Glow Candle

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Warm Glow Candle LEMBLIEC Lemon Bliss Electric Candle

Give a beautiful warm glow to your room.  The Warm Glow Electric candle is a great alternative to burning candles.  Warm Glow Electric Hearth uses a hand dipped hearth candle, hollowed out adding an electric, silicone dipped bulb.  Cord has toggle switch for easy on-off.  Warm Glow Electric hearth gives a beautiful warm glow to any room.

Light and airy lemon combined with a sweet butter cream. This is a beautiful fragrance with just enough lemon. A light fresh, herbal, lemony scent that will remind you of a warm summer day with the windows opened.


  • Approximately 5″ high x 4.5″ in diameter
  • Classic lumpy, bumpy exterior
  • Candle Made in USA

Hearth candle tin shown in photos not included, available for purchase here.  

Scent will not be as strong with Electric Candles as it would be with a traditional burning Hearth Candle.

Electric Candles must be placed on solid surface to avoid discoloration to furniture from dye in candle wax.  We recommend using the Hearth Candle Tin, sold separately under Candle Accessories.