Georgia Barnyard Proof SPR™ Leather

Georgia Barnyard Proof SPR™ Leather Boots

Attributes & Testing Standards

Georgia Barnyard Proof SPR Leather Boot A

Triple Tanned & Oil Impregnated

A combination of three different tannages are used to create a full-grain leather that is resistant to chemicals, alkali, acids and enzymes. Conventional leathers only use one tannage.

After being triple-tanned and dyed SPR™ leather is impregnated with a special formula of waxes and oils that are not soluble in water. This process makes SPR™ leather extremely high water-resistant. It can also withstand repeated wettings and forced dryings (on a heat duct or radiator) without shrinking, cracking or losing its rich oily feel.

Georgia Barnyard Proof SPR Leather Boot B

3 Times Stronger and 2 1/2 Times More Abrasion Resistant

The combination of triple tanning and oil impregnation make SPR™ leather 3 times stronger than comparable leathers.

Laboratory testing found SPR™ leather to be 2 1/2 times longer lasting than conventional leather.


Georgia Barnyard Proof SPR Leather Boots C

Barnyard Proof

In every test performed, SPR™ leather proved to have remarkable resistance to or no ill effects from the most severe chemicals found in any workplace, including organic and inorganic acids, alkali, chemicals, urea, lactic acid, manure, salt and enzymes normally associated with farm or ranch environments.

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